Three greedy kittens sailed off on a trip to see the Milky Way.
They sailed away one day in May and there they sipped a dip. And what did they sip? It was rich creamy milk in the fabulous Milky Way. So they sailed on their way, into Buttermilk Bay, with the breeze on the sails of their ship.
And how the wind blew, how the bright comet flew,
when they spied the adventurers three! And now they sailed free on the Milky Way Sea. What a beautiful view and so new!

And how the ship flew, and sailed on so true thru the soft and misty blue! They meowed and howled too, to decide what to do.
“Let’s visit the moon,” cried the crew!
“I hear if you please, it’s made of Swiss cheese.
I think we should sample a bit.” They saw the moon lit and they saw the moon sit and the moon then started to tease.
“I see as I’m sittin’ three greedy young kittens who eat so much food that they burst. And as for the milk they drink,
my what a thirst!
What’s worst they lost all their mittens!”
The kittens, 'twould seem, hit him with a slipper, then seized with a squeeze some of his Swiss cheese. And soon off they eased just as fast as they pleased eating ice cream from the big dipper.
They fly so high that by and by a billion stars they spy.
A billion diamonds in the sky on purple satin may lie.
They took a dish and made a wish
and with it caught a glowing fish.
They took a pail and caught a whale!
On Milk Shake Lake they sail.
They chased some mice like shooting dice
and a comet called Catnip.
When they came to Cream Sea they started to sip.
“If this is a dream, whee! How nice!”
Meanwhile back home, how their mother did roam!
She didn’t know where they could be. A spy glass got she
so that now she could see naughty kittens alone on the foam.
She said, “Mister moon, my bad cats have all flown.
Won’t you please tell them soon to come home.
So he called on the phone but how he did moan,
for the kittens were holding their own. Then she called Mr. star, don’t you see where they are?
They’ve sailed away so very far.”
So the star sent a spark out there in the dark
but their course he just couldn’t mar.
The kittens said, “Mr. star, we are coming where you are, even though you may be far. We will put you in a jar!
They arrived late at night, guided by the star’s light.
For it was certainly bright. And it made a pretty sight.
They climbed on its arm, for the star meant no harm.
And they had a great play. Then they left and sailed away.
But the wind began to clip and the cream began to whip.
And a raging storm sent whipped cream to the top!
And how the cream did spin, beneath the roaring wind!
And the kittens began to wish the wind would stop.
Then billows and billows of whipped cream pillows
blew into the ship like a cloud,
then torrents of foam from an ice cream cone.
With a dash and a thrash the ship bowed!
The boat rocked so fast, just how long could they last?
And then it started thumping up and down.
The west wind howled. The no rest wind scowled!
And the boat started spinning round and round.
Then after a time one kitten did whine,
“My tummy is hurting me so!”
Said another, ”Me too!” and the other, ”boohoo!
I do think we really should go!”
So they turned their ship round, back home they were bound, with all of them wearing a frown.
And how the moon laughed as the little ship passed!
And finally the boat came to ground.
They all ran to Mother, each faster than the other,
and cried, “Oh too much we did eat!”
So she gave them a pill and said, “Soon you’ll be well.
Just having you back’s such a treat!
She put them to bed without any bread,
And said, “No more milk you’ll be fed,
at least for a while. Come on give a smile!
What a wonderful trip you have had!”





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